Aby WHS Tan Blue Blocking- Glasses
Aby WHS Tan Blue Blocking- Glasses
Aby WHS Tan Blue Blocking- Glasses

Aby WHS Tan Blue Blocking- Glasses

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Introducing our Aby designer blue light glasses for women – the perfect combination of stylish design, premium quality and timeless style. These gorgeous cat-eye shaped frames come in an array of modern yet sophisticated colors, sure to complement any outfit with ease. But these blue light glasses aren't just about looks - they come packed with practical features too. Our advanced blue light technology helps reduce eye strain from digital devices like laptops, phones and tablets. By blocking the majority of harmful blue light which can interfere with your sleep patterns, these computer glasses are a must-have accessory for anyone looking to protect their eyesight and boost their productivity levels at work or school. You'll be able to enjoy hours of screen time guilt free! Plus, Aby blue light glasses come with lightweight frames and adjustable legs providing superior comfort all day long. So go ahead and invest in a pair today – trust us when we say you won't regret it!

High quality, impact resistant blue light blocking lenses.
Get additional protection from eye strain, reduce headaches and improve sleep. Get more comfort while reading from digital screens. Blue light filtering lenses block potentially harmful high-energy light ( HEV ).
Hypoallergenic, lightweight and optical friendly. Handcrafted premium quality acetate frames featuring spring hinges for all day comfort.
Medium Fit
Complimentary case and cleaning cloth included.